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Series X18 Louvers
Silver Parabolic, Egg-Crate and Wall Washer Louvers
To Highlight or Enhance Walls, Paintings, or Murals


  • Complete with plastic retainer ring
  • Rotates to spread beam-pattern on desired area
  • Electro-plated 45  3/4" x 3/4" cells- Wall Washers
  • Non-plated 1/2" x 1/2" cells- Black or White Egg Crate Louvers
  • Maximum Light reflection



  • 4" Diameter for CRS, NCRS and NCS5, 9 and 13 Model Numbers
  • 6" Diameter for CR, NCR, NC, CH, and AH7 Model Numbers
  • 8" Diameter for CR, NCR, and NC 13, 18, 26, and 32 Model Numbers
  • To replace incandescent "Eye-Ball" or "Half-Moon Covers" which were difficult to retro-fit until now.